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Bad Faith Insurance Litigation

Savannah Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys

Collecting Judgments and Disputing Bad Faith Claims

Bad faith insurance claims are the most common in personal injury claims. Sometimes insurance companies fail to pay a judgment, fail to settle within policy limits or unreasonably delay payment. These types of actions are considered in "bad faith", and you need an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

At Ladson Law Firm, PC, we always follow through for our clients from the beginning of a case to the end and after. We will make sure the insurance company or companies in your particular case pay up and act reasonably within accordance of the relevant policy. Contact us and schedule a free consultation.

Insurance company not paying up? Delaying payment? Even after judgment? Now is the time to act. We will take action immediately so that you can move on with your life. Call 912-234-1118 for a Savannah bad faith insurance attorney.

Insurance Coverage Disputes and Bad Faith Claims

Ideally, after a receiving judgment or settlement in a car accident claim or any other type of personal injury claim, you should receive payment. This must be done within a reasonable time-frame and within policy limits. However, when insurance companies act in bad faith, we can make a bad faith claim on your behalf.

We can also represent you if there is a dispute over the insurance policy coverage. We may be able to in some cases collect more than what is within the policy limits. Every case is different, so talk to us about your particular situation and we can discuss your options.

Contact Richmond Hill Insurance Litigation Lawyers

To talk with Brice Ladson about your insurance litigation case, contact our offices by calling 912-341-6956. We offer free consultations in personal injury matters. For your convenience, we have two office locations – downtown Savannah and a main office in Richmond Hill.