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Commercial Transactions

Savannah, Georgia, Lawyers for Business Transactions

Savannah is an excellent place to do business. With one of the leading ports in the Untied States, our city is an active transit hub with potential for great business growth. At Ladson Law Firm, PC, our attorneys support businesses and individuals in this growth by providing legal counsel for commercial transactions, from drafting and reviewing contracts to creating a business organization that meets your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Much of our business transaction practice relates to real estate matters. We represent businesspeople, developers and businesses in commercial real estate transactions, including the development of shopping centers, condominium projects and mixed-use construction. We help create contracts in business ventures. We also draft and do contract review on commercial leasing agreements.

Because commercial real estate transactions are governed by complex federal and state statutes as well as common law, working with an attorney who has in-depth knowledge of the law can be critical to your success. At Ladson Law Firm, PC, attorney M. Brice Ladson has been devoted to excellence in the practice of law since 1977. Joined by his son Mitchell Ladson, he continues this devotion in every case and commercial real estate transaction.

Business Formation

Building a successful new business venture requires many things, including good luck and hard work. It also includes making smart business decisions, like choosing the right entity. At Ladson Law Firm, PC, we share our business knowledge with our clients — helping them with small-business formation, choosing the right business entity to maximize profits while protecting business owners from personal liability. Depending on your needs, this may be an LLC, LLP, S corporation or C corporation.

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When you are charged with handling a business matter, working with an attorney is always a smart idea. Work with the attorneys at Ladson Law Firm, PC, in Savannah, Georgia, by calling 912-341-6956 or completing our online intake form.